CE Tools Inc., in cooperation with the University of Tennessee, Southern, in Pulaski, Tennessee, offers an internship program in our corporate office. We asked our intern, Callie Garland, to provide insight into what it’s like to be an intern at CE Tools.

Hi, I’m Callie Garland, the Business Relations Intern here at CE Tools for the spring of 2024! I started interning with CE Tools in January and have gained lots of business experience, as well as a broader look into the tool industry.

Working with the owner, Dan, and the team here at CE Tools has helped me to realize that business does not always have to be so competitive and tough. Each of us here genuinely enjoys what we do, and we often work together to ensure that each of us are successful. It is not often that you can find a job that you enjoy, where you feel that your boss also has your best interests in mind.

Since starting as an intern, Dan has given me many opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and grow in all different aspects of marketing and sales and gives me the platform to implement my ideas. I have recently been working alongside our Director of Latino Sales and Marketing to create our CE Tools Inc. TikTok account to grow brand awareness for our company and show organic demonstrations of our products. You can find us on TikTok at CE_Tools to see each of our products in action!

Overall, I have gained lots of valuable experience here, and have gained a sense of appreciation for everyone working to keep personable businesses like CE Tools around.