Elevate Your Craft with CE Tools’ Contractor Engineered® Red Edge Levels

In commercial and residential construction, where every measurement counts, precision is non-negotiable. That’s why professionals and DIYs turn to Contractor Engineered® Red Edge Levels to ensure their projects are nothing short of perfection. Let’s delve into the features that make our Red Edge Levels the top choice for contractors, carpenters and DIYers everywhere.

Engineered for Excellence: The CE Tools Difference

Our Contractor Engineered® Red Edge Levels are meticulously crafted with industry-leading features designed to exceed expectations. The thick-walled aluminum housing provides unparalleled durability, ensuring that our levels can withstand the toughest conditions of the job site without compromising accuracy.

Precision Redefined: Shockproof Vial 

Our Red Edge Levels are equipped with a precision shockproof vial that is accurate to within 0.0005 in/inch. This means you can trust that every measurement you take with a CE Tools level, allowing you to work with confidence and peace of mind.

Unparalleled Visibility: Red Outlined Bubble for Easy Readability

In the fast-paced environment of construction, visibility is key. That’s why our Red Edge Levels feature a high-visibility red outlined bubble, making it easy to read and ensuring that you can maintain accuracy even in challenging lighting conditions. 

Elevate Your Craft: Whether Hanging Shelves or Framing a House

Whether you’re hanging shelves or framing a house, CE Tools Contractor Engineered® Red Edge Levels are the tool you need to elevate your craft to the next level. With unmatched durability, precision and visibility, our levels are trusted by professionals and DIYers alike to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Choose CE Tools Contractor Engineered® Red Edge Levels and experience the difference for yourself. Take your projects to new heights with CE Tools.