A Different Kind of Chalk That’s Just Better


The CE Tools Ultra Fine Chalk is the perfect choice for construction professionals who need a precise, visible, and durable chalk line. This chalk is uniquely formulated to cling to the string and not spill out of the reel, even when snapping long lines. It is also hydrophobic, so it repels water and will not smudge or wash away in wet conditions.

Each color comes in two sizes: 3 lb. jugs or 10 oz.

CE Tools offers a variety of money-saving combo and bundle options as well as individual jugs or bottles through our secure online sales portal.


  • Ultra-fine chalk for a precise, crisp line
  • Uniquely formulated to cling to the string and not spill out of the reel
  • Extreme visibility with bold colors
  • Hydrophobic to repel water and prevent smudging
  • Works in all chalk lines


  • Save time and money by snapping precise lines that are easy to see
  • Reduce mess and waste with a chalk that stays on the string
  • Choose the right color for your work environment or to make your lines more visible
  • Use in wet conditions without worrying about the chalk smudging or washing away

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Our extreme visibility marking chalk is hydrophobic to repel water and prevent smudging.

Baboon Butt Red

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3lbsredchalkbottle 1024x1024
CET102Rimage 1024x1024
redback10ozchalk 1024x1024

Mean Green Fluorescent Extreme

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3lbsgreenchalkbottle 1024x1024
CET102Gimage 720x
greenback10ozchalk 1 720x

Blue It Up

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3lbsbluechalkbottle 1024x1024
CET102Bimage 1024x1024
blueback10ozchalk 1024x1024

Manly Pink

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pink3lbschalkbottles 94ba4337 aa65 413d b0c5 52a765921b7a 1024x1024
CET102Pimage 1024x1024
pinkback10ozchalk 1024x1024
snapback Chalk line glam shot small copy

How to Use

Extreme Visibility Chalk

To use CE Tools Ultra Fine Chalk, simply load the chalk into your chalk reel and snap the line. The chalk will cling to the string and will not spill out of the reel. Once you have snapped the line, you can release the chalk line reel and the line will automatically rewind.

Here are a few helpful tips for using CE Tools Ultra Fine Chalk to get the best results:

Make sure the string in your chalk reel is clean and free of debris.

Apply moderate pressure to the chalk line reel when snapping the line.

If you are working in wet conditions, wipe down the string with a dry cloth before snapping the line.

To remove any excess chalk from the string, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth

For your convenience, we offer bundles that include chalk and chalk lines as other combinations of product